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   ,, Aversi-Rational " - Guarantee of the Highest Standard!

Construction of the Georgian pharmaceutical enterprise – “Aversi-Rational” started in 2002 and was fully implemented with the participation of European experts.

“Aversi-Rational” is a large pharmaceutical enterprise of European standards, producing safe, effective and affordable products of high quality, creating stable jobs and expanding production, which is linked to the growth of demand on the product.

About the company:

  • Foundation date – 2002
  • The first product – 2005
  • Total area – 4500 m2
  • Staff – up to 400 employees
  • Certification - GMP EU, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, GMP EAEU, GMP GEO




The basic principles

  • Quality, safety, efficiency and reliability
  • Full correspondence with the legal requirements of Georgia and partner countries, also with the international standards.
  • Fulfilling the needs and expectations of the customers
  • Providing the employees with secure workplaces, continuing education and stable social environment.

Our products

More than 200 types of products

Various pharmacological groups

Various medication forms:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups, emulsions, suspensions
  • Drops, sprays
  • Injectable solutions, powders
  • Gels, creams

Realization is carried out in the local market as well as in some countries of Asia, Africa and Europe.


  • The production is arranged and operates according to the international standards GMP EU- and ISO 9001-requirements:
  • Industrial areas are placed at 1800m2 and include a “clean” and “controlled” zones. The storeroom cleanliness requirements are strictly defined according to the relevant international standards. Correspondence to this standards is an important factor for a pharmaceutical production.
  • Construction of the building, type of materials and the engineering system capabilities fully ensure the ideal accuracy and correspondence to the international standards of the processes taking place in the enterprise.
  • Special attention is paid to the multi-stage filtration of the atmospheric air getting through the enterprise which is one of the determinants of the quality of the production. The air coming out of the enterprise is also filtered, and this protects atmosphere from pollution.
  • Industrial areas are equipped with modern machinery from countries like Germany, the US, England and Italy.
  • A semi-automatic, as well as automatic production lines operate in the enterprise in order to minimize the possible flaws caused by the human factor and also this lines provide a high quality of the products, made in the enterprise.
  • Continuous and multistage monitoring of the environmental conditions and industrial-technological processes are held in the enterprise.
  • Special attention is paid to the sanitary norms in the industrial areas, as well as to the staff and material movement.


  • The ultra-modern quality control physical-chemical and microbiological laboratory is placed at 750m2 and meets all the standards required for the world’s leading pharmaceutical enterprise. All the analysis required for checking the European standards of the quality are being conducted here.
  • The laboratory is equipped with the latest machinery of the well-known manufacturers, such as: Agilent Technologies, Thermo scientific (US); Shimadzu (Japan); Erweka, Binder, Sartorius, Carl Zeiss (Germany); Mettler Toledo (Switzerland); Getinge (Sweden) and others.
  • While using the modern equipment and also American/European high quality reagents/standards, the laboratory carries out the full control of production and materials, as the physical and chemical, so microbiological parameters.
  • The quality is checked at every stage, if necessary, it is sent to the quality control laboratories of Georgia, as well as to the exporting countries.
  • The competence and reliability of “Aversi-Rational” is repeatedly confirmed by local and international experts.
  • The laboratory is accredited with the international standard ISO 17025, also it successfully participates in a variety of professional testing programs across Europe (France, Ukraine and others).

Quality System

  • An effective quality management system operates in “Aversi-Rational”. Creation and implementation of this system corresponding the ISO 9001 and GMP EU requirements has been continuing from the day one together with the German holding company – “TŰV SŰD”.
  • The system ensures consistent high quality of the manufactured products, their safety and effectiveness, which is why the correspondence to the ISO and GMP standards is being tested annually within the frames of the certification audits that “Aversi-Rational” has successfully been passing till today.
  • The quality system includes selection of the suppliers, audits and strict procedures of monitoring, which provides reliability and quality of the raw materials and the finished product.
  • “Aversi-Rational" is staffed by highly qualified and experienced personnel, including 9 PHD in relevant fields.
  • A multi-stage system of staff selection and further training is implemented in the company. This process includes confidence strengthening seminars, conferences and exhibitions through training in Georgia, as well as outside the country.
  • Enterprise quality system is based on risk management principles, which is why priority is given to the prevention of potential defects than their discovery.
  • Our product quality and process stability is guaranteed by constantly validated facilities, equipment, systems and processes.
  • The company has introduced a unique unified electronic system managing the whole industrial process.
  • “Aversi-Rational” quality management system is aimed for improving the customer satisfaction, therefore constant improvement is our main task.


“Aversi-Rational” since its foundation stands out with innovations:

  • Unique computerized pharmaceutical system is implemented in the enterprise, which according to international standards provides an effective management of the processes operating in the enterprise.
  • Due to the scale, complexity and high financial cost of such electronic systems, many companies of not only former Soviet Union, but some of leading companies of Europe still can’t afford them.

Customer Orientation:

  • “Aversi-Rational” constantly strives to improvement and customer’s satisfaction, therefore:
  • The company regularly conducts surveys as in Georgia, so in the exporting countries and also monitors the side effects and effectiveness of the medications.
  • Each complaint and recommendation of the customers are carefully reviewed by the top management of the company while developing the future strategy of the company. This provides possibly high level of customer’s satisfaction in every direction.
  • Such approach ensures the expanding demand on “Aversi-Rational” products not only at the Georgian market, but also in the foreign markets, which is a result of its reliability and high quality.

“Aversi-Rational” wishes you health and peace of mind!  



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